Hey folks!

Just in case you’ve all been wondering where the hell I’ve been (and I’m so sure you have)… I had a tough week last week, dealing with some personal matters, which I won’t go into here. And I’ll be gradually getting back into the swing of things here on S&A this week.

HOWEVER, changes are on the immediate horizon. In short, I won’t be around as much as I’ve been in the last 2 1/2 years this site has been around. It’s been quite a ride, but it’s also been rough carrying what’s really quite load. I’ve got broad shoulders, but I’m not Superman. A brotha has his limits 🙂

Funny that I didn’t realize just how much I needed time away until I actually took some time away from the site last week. It was refreshing and reinvigorating. I also had a lot of time to reflect on how far the site has come, where it’s going (or at least could go), as well as reflect on my own personal (non-S&A related) ambitions.

It often takes tragedy to force one to cut through all the noise and clutter, and get to what’s really important, and worthwhile.

But I’ll still be around with the occasional post; so I won’t be gone entirely. I’m just backing off a bit to focus on some grander ideas I have for the site, as well as for myself, which I’ve mostly neglected since S&A began in April 2009.

So, there ya have it!

The show will go on… just with less of me.

Good night and good luck 🙂