EmpowerHer Speaker Luvvie dishes on technology, Internet trolls and her new book

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| May 19 2016,

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By now, you've surely heard of or read at least one post by Luvvie. She is the unapologetic digital strategist who has used technology as a way to thread together her professional work with her personal beliefs. As a native digital user, Luvvie has used social media as a platform for not only exposing the world to her thoughts and hilarious commentary on pop culture but also as a way to increase education and awareness around HIV/AIDS for women and girls. As EmpowerHer quickly approaches, we got a chance to discuss with her the power of social media, brand consistency and her upcoming book release. Check out what she had to say below:

The power of technology connectivity

"I started blogging in college because of peer pressure. My first blog wasn't really that good. It was all about my boring college life and I deleted that when I graduated in 2006. That's when I started what became Awesomely Luvvie. I was an early adopter of several social media platforms. I've been on Facebook since July of 2004 and it was started in February of 2004. I've also been on Twitter since September of 2008. After college, I worked with nonprofits and typically was the person who would introduce their organization to social media, which sparked my work as a Digital Media Strategist

How to deal with internet trolls

EmpowerHer speaker Luvvie
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On growing a brand and creating a community around it

On finding and defining your voice

EmpowerHer speaker Luvvie
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Personal versus private social media accounts

On her defining moment

On being an author and her upcoming book release

I’M JUDGING YOU: The Do Better ManualI'm Judging You

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