If you are a rap fan, you will surely want to read this. Nicki Minaj is collaborating with Ice Spice on a remix of the Bronx drill hit “Princess Diana.” On Thursday, Minaj announced the name of her record label and her upcoming collaboration with Ice Spice on her live “Queen Radio” show, Revolt reported.

“Heavy On It is the label, and I’m proud to announce my partnership with the one and only Ice Spice,” she said.

Minaj shared a link to the “Princess Diana” remix and the accompanying cover art, which features Ice Spice’s recognizable red Afro and Minaj’s iconic pink wig. Shortly after its release, the track reached the number one spot on the iTunes store, according to Chart Data.

The New York rappers are giving the fans what they want. They have released an accompanying music video for the new track, in which Nicki Minaj and Ice Spice are spitting bars in an all-pink, Barbiesque décor. 

Online, fans rejoiced as the remix was released. “Ice Spice and Nicki ATE that remix up oh my god y’all?!?” tweeted a fan. “This is female rap at its peak.”

What also had fans in a frenzy is the fact that the song is co-distributed by Nicki Minaj’s record label Heavy On It. Some believe Ice Spice may now be signed to the label, which was created by Minaj to support emerging artists.

“I understand the importance of having somebody else doing the heavy lifting for you,” Minaj said in an episode of her “Queen Radio” show, according to The Independent. The rapper debuted her career with the help of Lil Wayne, who signed her to his record label Young Money Entertainment.

This collaboration and potential signing further cements Ice Spice’s popularity on the rap scene. The 23-year-old went viral with her single “Munch” in 2022. Since then, she released her first EP,  Like..? last January, and has graced the covers of several magazines such as DAZED and PAPER. She is on her way to becoming a fixture in the fashion world as well, as she was spotted attending New York Fashion Week with Lil Nas X and has recently appeared in Marc Jacobs’ Heaven Campaign.


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She recently shared that her love of rap stems from her father, who was an underground rapper.

“He definitely inspired me to want to record,” she told PAPER. “I remember being in the studio with him. I was a toddler, probably. And I remember little flashes. Of course, not every detail, but small things like that being shown to you at such a young age make an impression on you.”

“subconsciously, I ended up becoming an artist because I saw my father be one first. He’s a music lover himself. He’s a true Hip Hop head, beyond me, honestly. He knows everything. He’s always educating me on Hip Hop and shit like that,” she added.