Rappers Latto and Coi Leray have settled a rumored beef over Latto’s new single “Put It On Da Floor.” Latto debuted the song during the first weekend of Coachella. When the song hit streaming services, it sparked speculation from fans that it was a Nicki Minaj diss. The song also contains a line that pissed Coi Leray off, comparing her to a blunt. 

“Smokin’ on that gas, blunt big as Coi Leray,” Latto rapped on stage. “B***hes like to run their mouths, but I’m the type to run the fade.” 

On Friday, Coi Leray hopped on Twitter to express her ire about Latto’s new track. The New Jersey-bred rapper claimed Latto wanted to beef with her.

“Latto, bye. Here you go [talking] about my body,” Leray tweeted after the performance. “Please do not come on here and talk about nobody’s BODY. Lol, like seriously. Out of all things. Lmaooo, ya, blunt my size? Lmaooo, this s**t is never-ending.”

Latto hit the stage at Coachella for the second weekend on Sunday. She closed out by performing the new single again. The “Put It On Da Floor” rapper addressed Leray’s body-shaming accusations as soon as the song ended. The Atlanta rapper clarified it was never intended as a diss, telling the crowd at the end of the track, “Aye, Coi…I love your body, baby.”

Coi Leray walked back her comments about Latto after she showed love for her at Coachella amid the drama over her new single. Commenting on a retweet of the clip, Leray made it clear she didn’t want any beef with Latto.

“Maybe I over reacted idk. End of the day. Don’t say my name for clicks and likes. Specially if we don’t speak or communicate. I’m not a big blunt small blunt. Don’t compare me to nada. Mention b***hes you actually beef with. Put it on the floor but leave me out of the bs,” the “Players” artist tweeted and deleted on Saturday.


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“There’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes. Y’all don’t be knowing the half of the s**t that goes on in this s**t. But the main goal is ICON S**T. If it don’t make me rich or better person. Stay away,” she continued in a follow-up tweet.

“The diss record with my name on it confused me. Much love to Latto! Appreciate the compliment,” Leray effectively killed the beef with a final tweet.

Thankfully, this beef has no future, as the two artists’ misunderstanding has been cleared up. During “Lattochella,” as Latto’s performance has been dubbed, she showed love to other female rappers like Lola BrookeSaweetie and TiaCorine. With the feud behind Leray and Latto, perhaps there could be a collaboration in their future.