This week, Hallmark is premiering its latest film which features the first on-screen reunion in many years for ER stars Eriq La Salle and Gloria Reuben.

In a recent interview on Tamron Hall, the two discussed the new movie, A Second Chance at Love.

The film follows a woman who is not happy in her marriage who chooses to immerse herself in her divorced parents’ affairs by setting them up through a dating app. The film also stars Alvina August and Jarod Joseph.

Here is the film’s description:

On the surface, Alicia (August) and Arnold’s (Joseph) marriage is picture perfect, however, there is something amiss. Arnold is ready to grow their family, but subconsciously Alicia is hesitant to the idea. Rather than face the problem head on, Alicia, the self-proclaimed “love doctor,” immerses herself in her divorced parents Jack (La Salle) and Brenda’s (Reuben) dating affairs by setting them each up on a blind date dating app.

The two told Hall that they were were happy to work together on ‘A Second Chance at Love’

La Salle said the chemistry between he and Reuben made it easy to film. More than anything, he was happy with the substance of the content the film offered, and to be leads of color.

“The thing about it was that we just, we always had fun, but obviously the characters back then dealt with much more serious issues, etc. I think we were both hungry for, you know, sometimes the lighter stuff, sometimes the more romantic stuff that, quite frankly, not to slam the show, but we, as African Americans, we never really tapped into sort of the complexities of a love story,” he explained. “So I think both Gloria and I as actors, we’ve always wanted that. And so 20 years later to connect, to be able to do that, tell that story and show that silly side and as Gloria likes to say,‘the flirty side’ and the vulnerable side, all those sides that all people universally have but we, unfortunately, didn’t have an opportunity to explore that then.”

Reuben added that because of the turmoil the world has experienced due to COVID-19 and beyond in recent years, she jumped at the chance to participate. “The offer came about just before the holidays of last year. And I just wanted to, I think we all kind of needed, and I know for me personally and I’m sure I can speak for millions, hundreds of millions of people, I want to have some fun,” she said.

Watch the interview below: