Eric Andre is known for being a master of the absurd, having made a name for himself through comedy like the bit below: 

But this weekend, Andre traded the surreal for the oh-too-real, weighing in on hip-hop's penchant for being tolerant of violence against women. 

Like our president, Andre took to Twitter to express his discontent, and spoke specifically about the support two rappers have received in the face of some very ugly allegations. 

Kodak Black has been the subject of thinkpieces around the net, including here at Blavity, for his misogynoir. He very famously once said of actress Keke Palmer, “She straight, I’d bag her, but I don’t really like black girls like that.”

He further clarified this statement by adding that black women are “too gutter,” and in a sad turn of events, admitted that his doesn’t like his own skin color, the BBC reports.

What seemed to inspire less outrage, however, was an alleged February 2016 event reported by the Sun-Sentinel.

A police report generated after the event tells the following story: a young woman went back to Black’s hotel room with her friend. The woman said that Black separated her from her friend, and then pushed her to the ground, ripping off her clothes and biting her. She says that he told her he couldn’t help himself as she screamed for him to stop. She says that he did not stop, and that he proceeded to assault her.

XXXTentacion faces a jail sentence for allegedly badly beating his pregnant girlfriend, Pitchfork reports. The police report for that October 2016 incident said of the woman, “Victim’s eyes [were] punched to where both eyes became shut and victim could not see.”

XXXTentacion “punched and kicked” as well as tried to strangle the pregnant woman according to the report.

The rapper then allegedly tried to pay the woman not to testify against him in court.

Andre is sick and tired of this sort of thing. He compared the outrage over the president seeming to endorse Nazis over what he feels is a lack of outrage about the lionization of rappers like Black and XXXTentacion.

And in a message that goes back to the early days of the suffrage and abolitionist movements, Andre linked the struggle against racism with the struggle against sexism.


The comedian vented about corporations and individuals endorsing rappers with records like Black and XXXTentacion’s.


And ended his Twitter essay with a very simple reminder of what is right and what is wrong.


Black did not bother to engage with the comedian.

But XXXTentacion did. Billboard reports that in a since-deleted tweet, the rapper snapped, “Because not everything you hear on the internet is true, you should be adult enough to know that & support the youth before degrading them.”

XXXTentacion did not specify whether everything one reads in police reports is true.

After receiving attention for his first set of tweets, Andre continued with the following plea for the rejection of apathy and the embrace of our shared humanity: