Erykah Badu, born Erica Abi Wright on February 26, 1971, in Dallas, Texas, is a multifaceted force in music and a cultural icon. She has left an undeniable mark on the world of soul, R&B and hip-hop. Known for her ethereal voice, poetic lyrics and bohemian sense of style, Badu emerged in the late 1990s as a prominent figure in the neo-soul movement. Her debut album, Baduizm (1997), was a key gateway into the start of her music career, earning her critical acclaim and multiple Grammy Awards. Featuring hits like “On & On” and “Next Lifetime,” which highlight her unique fusion of jazz, soul, R&B and hip-hop, the album solidified her spot as a trailblazer amongst soul artists.

Badu grew up in a family deeply connected to the arts, which profoundly influenced her artistic journey. Her mother, Kolleen Gipson, was an actress and singer, and her grandmother, Thelma Gipson, was a renowned performer. Having strong female influences in her life helped to nurture Badu’s love for the stage and her creative spirit, which would soon define her career.

During Badu’s formative years, she attended the Dallas Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts, where she honed her skills as a singer, dancer and actress. While attending school, Badu discovered her passion for music and began experimenting with songwriting and performing. From there, her early experiences laid the foundation for her unique artistic vision and her ability to seamlessly blend various genres into her lyrics.

Though Badu is primarily known for her life in music, her story goes beyond her musical artistry. From her distinctive fashion sense and spiritual approach to life, as well as her role as a mother and certified doula, Badu is nothing less of an icon in the motherhood department. Her three children, which remain pivotal aspects of her life, are key figures in her life’s story. Whether it is passing down her effortless ability to be fashionable or her morals and integrity as an artist, Badu has and will always remain a high topic of discussion. Ahead, we’ll discuss Erykah Badu’s children and dive a little into each of their backgrounds.

Seven Sirius Benjamin

Seven Sirius Benjamin is the firstborn child of Badu. Born on November 18, 1997, Benjamin is the son of Andre 3000, a member of the iconic hip-hop duo OutKast. With such legendary musical genes, it is no surprise that Benjamin is now a talented musician and producer. From producing tracks and collaborating with other artists, his unique blend of electronic, hip-hop and experimental music is gaining recognition.

Puma Sabti Curry

Photo by Nina Westervelt

Puma Sabti Curry, born in 2004, is the second child of Erykah Badu. She is a renowned vocalist, a notable figure in social media and a rising TikTok sensation. Curry is recognized for sharing captivating lip-sync videos across her social media platforms. She also has had the opportunity to showcase her musical talents alongside her mother in live performances at a variety of events and seminars. She even attended her first met gala in 2023 alongside her mother.

Mars Merkaba Thedford

Photo by Bryan Steffy

On February 1, 2009, Mars Merkaba Thedford was born in Dallas, Texas. She is the daughter of Badu and rapper and producer Elpadaro F. Electronica Allah, commonly known as Jay Electronica. While Thedford’s future career choices remain uncertain, Erykah Badu has been nurturing her daughter’s love for music from a young age. Back in 2016, a heartwarming video surfaced featuring Badu and her daughter sharing a car ride while singing in unison. Erykah has also taken to social media to showcase and praise her daughter’s talents as a visual artist, actor, bass player, comedian and dancer.

For the past 25 years and counting, Badu has been a supportive and nurturing mother to her children, encouraging them to pursue their passions and creative endeavors. Her unwavering commitment to her art, her fearless exploration of music and her ability to break boundaries have served as a guiding light for her children as they navigate their own journeys in the entertainment world.