The Sage Steele saga took another odd turn today: her employer, ESPN, announced that she’d no longer be a NBA Countdown host; that Michelle Beadle will be replacing her.

Now, for the uninitiated, Steele has been engaged in a pitched battle with the woke for some time. When the Muslim ban first went into effect, she very loudly complained about it: not because it took away people’s rights, but because it made flying slightly more inconvenient for her. She’s said that she feels black people are more racist than white people. She’s gone out on that dreaded  “all lives matter" limb.

We've talked about it before. And we think you get the idea: she wasn’t a favorite for a lot of folks.

We have no comment on our fellow media professional losing her job. But the wonderful people of Twitter had a lot to say:

Oh and happy they are:

Like Viola finally got that EGOT happy:

Why all the anger and angst? Because apparently just seeing her face was enough to ruin people's day:

A few concerned citizens took time to ask the big questions:

While others hoped that this experience will be good for the former host:

And, amidst it all, was one level head crying caution:

Time will tell what's next for Steele, but we have a feeling that she'll land on her feet.