College is one gigantic mind-f*ck. You think it's primarily about your studies and jumpstarting your career, but really it's a social experiment you voluntarily agreed to be the subject of. You'll learn about your unhealthy habits, build a network and a few lifelong friendships, get an amazing summer internship landing you your first job, and hopefully find someone that totally makes up for all your prior heartbreak. To that end, you'll probably experience extreme emotions you weren't even sure you had. Brace yourself for the ride.

Here's every emotion you're sure to experience your first week:


Learning where, at what times and in which buildings your classes are held will be aggravating.


But at least if you don't get there on time you're fashionably late

— babygirl. (@THEROYALKOURT) August 17, 2016 You'll find out you have a class with that really cute girl/guy you saw on the yard. Remember, you want to keep your options open. 


You'll probably have to leave a few classes early this week to get to financial aid because last time you called: 


You'll feel like the bookstore is trying to play you, and they probably are. The bookstore is not your friend until you want university apparel


You'll remember you need that book by next week because last class:


So, in an effort to be mature about the situation, you'll decide not to do any frivolous spending.  That is, until you remember you can just cry to your parents about it later

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