Many of us were excited to see the return of the HBO hit, Insecure. What were many of us not excited for? The harsh reality that we should’ve nipped some of our current friendships in the bud a long time ago. 

On the Insecure season premiere, fans from around the world took to Twitter to voice their disdain for the lack of support that Molly gave her bestie Issa. Issa was in the midst of a major event that she’d planned and Molly interrupted her to whine about the problems arising in her own romantic life.

To top it off, Molly accused Issa of hankering for the drama that clouds her intimate relationships, since she planned said event with Condola, Lawrence’s new boo. Unfortunately, everyone is familiar with toxic friends, so we’ve compiled a list of nine different “friends” you should probably cut off.

When City Girls' JT said, “I ain’t got time for you fake ass h**s*,” we should have listened.

1. The friend who makes everything about themselves.


We all know this friend. No matter what successes you reach or how good of a day you’re having, they will inevitably make it all about themselves. This friend is not only around to own your happiness, they also have the unique ability to do the same with your despair. 

2. The friend who never congratulates you on your wins.


Have you ever had one of those fabulous days where you achieved a long-standing goal and you got your props from everyone except your homie? It’s not a good feeling. Usually this friend shows their true colors when your blessings are aligned and the spotlight is on you. They aren’t upset that you’re winning, they’re upset that it isn’t them.

3. The friend who’s friends with your enemy.


This friend is lethal and you should sever ties with them immediately. Typically  you’ll find this comrade sauntering down the hallways of your innermost secrets alongside your enemy, galavanting atop your feelings. There is no reason for someone you consider to be a true friend to associate with someone who you call a foe.

4. The friend who tries to duplicate your entire existence without giving you props.


It’s one thing for a friend to not congratulate you on your accomplishments — they’re probably just a hater. It is an entirely different ballpark when a friend tries to transform into a Diet Pepsi, carbon copy of you. You know the type; they’ll pay you all the compliments in the world and you’ll just be happy to have the support until you look up one day and they’ve copied your appearance, mannerisms and become the expert on all things “you.” Eventually, they’ll stop with the compliments and somehow dupe themselves into thinking they’re the originator and you’re the fan.

5. The friend who doesn’t support you or your dreams.


We are all visionaries in our own right, but it would be lovely if our friends supported our dreams. Non supportive friends will gleefully scroll past posts advertising your business and will always shoot your ideas down, masked behind concern. Most of the time, they see the vision, but they’re just fearful that you’ll actually execute yours while they can’t seem to do the same.

6. The friend who demands support but doesn’t give it.


This friend might be the worst! They constantly call you for support yet they are stingy when it’s their turn to give it. You’ll drive cross-country to lend this friend emotional aid, while they refuse to walk down the street to return the favor.

7. The friend who throws shade masked behind jokes.


This is one friend who everyone eventually experiences. Cut them off immediately because they don’t really like you. They like having you around as a punching bag because it makes them feel better about their shortcomings. They mask their nastiness behind shade because they know just how ridiculous they’d sound and look if they were to be forthcoming about their jealousy. Let’s defer to Miss Molly for that example.

8. The friend who projects their insecurities onto you.


Ever had a friend who may have been in a rut and assumed that you were too? This friend is more sad than mad. They make the assumption that you couldn’t possibly be happy with your appearance and life, if they aren't content with theirs. Unfortunately happiness is not something that can be taught so make sure that you aren’t internalizing their toxicity. You’ll look up one day and be miserable like them, if you aren’t careful.

9. The friend in constant competition with you.


This isn’t a friend. This is a parasite that secretly wants to be you because they’ve convinced themselves that they should be granted entry to your blessings. They think that because you make it look easy, it should be easy for them as well. You should ghost them as soon as their devious intentions are uncovered because they will burn you every single time.