nullSet to make its world premiere at the Los Angeles Film Festival next month is the debut feature film from brothers Wade Allain-Marcus and Jesse Allain-Marcus, titled "French Dirty," which will screen as part of the fest’s LA Muse section – a competitive slate of indies that are "quintessentially Los Angeles." 

The dramedy stars Wade Allain-Marcus as Vincent, a child of divorce, seemingly aimless, but in search of himself. Further: "Untethered to a job or any real responsibilities, he hangs out with Steve, his childhood best friend, and Jess, his girlfriend. That is until the moment he meets Roma. The chemistry is undeniable, but Vincent is still involved with Jess, so he introduces Roma to Steve and watches love bloom, forcing him to hide his deep feelings for her. When Steve leaves town, Vincent and Roma hook up, admit they are in love and vow to tell Steve by the end of the day. But as the sun sets behind the Los Angeles skyline, Vincent ruminates on his parents’ failed marriage, his own arrested development and the choice he must make to become a better man."

Wade Allain-Marcus is joined in front of the camera by Melina Lizette, Arjun Gupta, Elsa Beidermann, and Santana Dempsey.

A personal film for the filmmakers who describe it as "autobiographical

fiction," drawing from their own experiences growing up, navigating the ups and downs of relationships, whether familial, platonic or romantic, "French Dirty" even includes actual old family film footage interspersed. The brothers add: "At its core, our film is a 70-minute meditation on growing up at 30 and dealing with the internal struggle of break away from the parental influences that often guides one’s life choices. We’re hoping to explore the idea that no matter what direction life takes, making decisions and more importantly making your own decisions, is critical. Or else we will stay stuck in a cynical nature of repeating the same mistakes. It is on us as individuals to recognize our free will. It’s easy to throw blame around for what could or should have happened in your life, whether with loved ones or family, work peers or strangers, but at the end of the day, it is on us to break the cycle."

While they’re constantly drawing from other artists for inspiration, "French Dirty’s" influences range from Gaspar Noe’s confrontational and controversial "Irreversible," to Alfonso Cuarón’s coming-of-age road movie, "Y Tu Mama Tambien," and others.

The Homegrown Pictures production is co-directed by Wade Allain-Marcus and Jesse Allain-Marcus, from a script penned by Peter K. Hagen and Wade Allain-Marcus, with Jason Wolf and Mel Jones producing.

It premieres at the 2015 Los Angeles Film Festival on Jun 11 at 9PM, at Regal Cinemas LA LIVE 8.

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The festival runs from June 10 to 18, 2015, and is produced by Film Independent.

We’ve got your exclsuive first look at "French Dirty" via its poster (above) and trailer (below):