Alchemy is a science and I think all poor people, including black people, have from time to time in difficult situations become alchemists. Alchemy is the science of turning one substance into another. When we were slaves they threw us bones and we turned it into spare ribs. When we were slaves they threw guts at us and we turned them into chitlins. It’s chitlins time.

That’s what famed director Bill Duke said to S&A regarding the future of black film distribution and our legacy, as a race, of making something out of nothing. The complete interview will be aired on our NEW livecast night THURSDAY at 8:00pm/est.

We had a lengthy discussion with Mr. Duke and director D. Channsin Berry about their very hot documentary Dark Girls, a film exploring the colorism dark-skinned women face in society. They gave more details about their intention with the film and the public response they’ve received so far. They also responded to the criticism of the film.

In addition, we chatted about the black film industry, the influence of hip hop and they gave us a scoop on two upcoming projects specific to black men.

If you haven’t been checking the podcast, this is the time to join us.