Facebook has admitted to censoring posts tagged with #EndSARS following thousands of complaints from Instagram users, including Kelly Rowland, who shared photos of their content either being blocked out or tagged with a note saying it was "false information," according to Vice News and Al Jazeera.

Nigerians across the internet and many others have spent the last few weeks raising awareness about the #EndSARS movement that has evolved into a massive protest effort against police brutality and impunity in Nigeria. 

#EndSARS, a reference to the Special Anti-Robbery Squad within the Nigerian Police Force, has been trending for weeks as the peaceful protests have grown and the response from police has been increasingly violent. Earlier this week, security forces shot at protesters as Blavity previously reported

As people continue to spread awareness about the crisis, many have found that when they post about the protests on Instagram, their posts are either being censored or flagged as false.

"We are aware of an issue where some posts in support of #EndSARS are being incorrectly flagged as false in our systems. We are working quickly to resolve this,” a Facebook spokesperson told VICE News.

But thousands of people were still reporting that their posts were being censored if they included anything about the protests or added the #EndSARS tag.