Family members of an Atlanta-based Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) employee are searching for answers after his disappearance almost two weeks ago.

Timothy Cunningham went missing on Feb. 12, according to local Atlanta news outlets and family. The 35-year-old is an epidemiologist at the CDC who lived in Chamblee, a suburb just outside of the metropolitan area. His family said that he was sick prior to his unusual disappearance.

As an epidemic intelligence officer, the Morehouse and Harvard alumni's position required him to deploy to areas of public health emergencies, including superstorm Sandy, Ebola and zika, which threaten people's lives. In recent days, Cunningham's parents came from Maryland to Atlanta to get answers. 

To get into their son's home, they claimed having to use a spare key. In their initial investigation, his parents found Cunninghams’s car, keys, wallet and phone, Channel 2 Action News reports. 

 "It's not the type of news you want to hear,” Terrell Cunningham, Timothy's father, said. “Your child is missing. Thirty-five years old, but always your child."

The dad went on to add, "This is not normal. This is definitely out of the ordinary."

Anterio Cunningham, Timothy's brother, told Fox 5 News that his brother would not just walk away from his job and dog, adding that he suspects foul play. 

"My first mind is that something has happened especially considering the length of time he's been gone. Not having his phone, leaving his dog Bo alone, he just wouldn't voluntarily check out like that," Anterio said while sitting in his brother's living room Monday.

But Anterio isn't the only family member who has suspicions surrounding Timothy's disappearance. 

Just a day before Timothy went missing, his father had a phone conversation with him. 

“Tim had been in communication with us extensively on Sunday [Feb. 11], and I pinpoint Sunday because there were some exchanges via phone as well as text that alerted me to be concerned about our son,” Terrell told NBC News.

The commander in the U.S. Public Health Service is beloved by family members who say that his sudden disappearance is uncharacteristic of him. 

Twitter users have started the #findTimATL hashtag in hopes that it will aid in bringing Timothy back to his family. About four days ago, a GoFundMe Campaign was started to collect funds that will be used to establish a reward for information to help locate Timothy. The $10,000 goal has been met and has gone upwards to $21,000 plus.

“Tim, if you see any of this information please know that you can come back home,” his mother Tia-Juana Cunningham told NBC News in a message directed at her missing son.

“We love and miss you. We just want you back in our arms.”