A 35-year-old Black man was shot and killed by police during a traffic stop in Omaha, Nebraska, on Thursday. Soon after, word of the man’s death sparked evening protests in the city on Friday and Saturday. 

According to NBC News, Omaha police fatally shot Kenneth Jones Thursday night after responding to a car stopped in the middle of the road without its hazard lights. Two officers instructed the four people inside of the vehicle to put their hands up in a visible position as they walked toward the car.

According to police, three of the people in the vehicle complied with the police’s request but Jones, who was not driving the car, was not cooperative. The officers used a flashlight to break the window of the vehicle in an attempt to open the car door closest to him, police said in a statement Friday.

Law enforcement officials said video of the incident shows officers Dan Faulkner and Richard Martier needing to use physical force to get Jones out of the car. During the struggle, police said they saw a gun on Jones and fired four shots in his direction.