I believe this is the world that the recent Halle Berry thriller Dark Tide portrays a little of – sharks in the ocean waters on coastal South Africa, said to be home to one of the largest concentrations of sharks in the world!

The new work-in-progress feature documentary directed by Julain Watson, and titled Surfing & Sharks, centers on what it calls the constant threat South African surfers face every time they paddle out into the ocean.

Against the beautiful backdrop of South Africa's East Coast the viewer is introduced to three local surfers as they share their personal experiences with these animals while surfing their favorite spots. Throughout the film researchers, ecologists and shark attack victims offer an objective and unique insight in one of South Africa's most feared predators. 

In addition, the documentary gets up close and personal with the surfers, their family’s traditions and tribulations, alongside a hand-selected group of the best shark experts from the region to uncover the real secrets and stories that surround the shark stigma that exists in South Africa.

It had its official World Premiere at the Wavescape Film Festival in December 2011, in Capetown South Africa, and has since played several international film festivals, including a few here in the USA.

No word on where it'll screen next; but if you'd like to learn, visit the film's website HERE.

Trailer below: