C’mon confess…admit it…don’t be ashamed. Go to the rooftops and declare to the world that you want to see this mess called Gang of Roses 2!

Yeah, you can talk all you want about seeing quality uplifting black cinema, but your heart says that you want to see this craptacular. I do, and I’m not ashamed to admit it either. Why should I? I mean, if this sequel is half as ridiculous and as wretchedly bad as the first one, then this is going to be one hell of an entertaining movie.

Oh and wait until you get a load of the clip with the “bald headed beast” (as they call her on the black gossip blogs) Amber Rose’s dynamic performance in the film. I think I smell an Oscar nomination coming. (Oh yeah one question though: where did black women back in the Old West get their yaki weaves like the women in this movie have?)