Today in history, February 26, 2012… 17-year-old high school student Trayvon Martin was fatally shot to death by George Zimmerman, in Sanford, Florida. 

In memoriam, filmmaker Alexander Mallis remembers Martin’s death with a short documentary titled After Trayvon, which he’s released today on the fatal incident’s 2nd year anniversary. 

As Mallis shared in his email to me:
The short features a conversation among a group of young black men in Fort Greene Park. They frankly discuss Trayvon, stop and frisk, and daily life in a unique, articulate, and engaging way. The piece plays from the perspective of participant, and we hope the discussion will prove especially relevant on this anniversary.
Mallis offered to pen an accompanying essay, but I think the video, which was filmed the day after Zimmerman was acquitted of Martin’s murder, piece speaks for itself. 
Watch it below, after all the production details and credits:

With: Primo, John, Creative Goal, Shanti, Brian, Rodney, Anthony, Lou, Mattar, Paul, Cody, Rico

Director: Alex Mallis; Editor: Tory Stewart; Cinematography: Adam Uhl; Moderator: Keith Miller; Assoc. producer: Luisa Conlon; Asst. editor: Jeff Sterrenberg; Sound mix: Justin D. Wright; Color: Colin Travers

Special Thanks: The crew of the Echoes of Incarceration project; York College CT355 students; Meerkat Media Collective; The Brooklyn Filmmakers Collective

Shot on location in Fort Greene Park, July 15th, 2013, on the set of FIVE STAR (

After Trayvon from Alex Mallis on Vimeo.