has just released the first image of Denzel Washington in next year’s action thriller The Equalizer.

Based on the popular 1980’s
series (which was a real favorite of mine back then) and starring the late
British actor Edward Woodward as the
Equalizer, in the film Washington plays “a solitary, monastic figure who hates injustice
and devotes himself to helping people who are being victimized. With a
no-nonsense attitude, compassion and experience with dealing with a wide
variety of situations he’s a powerful and useful detective.

That is, according to the official press release accompanying
the image. Hopefully the film will solve the problem I always had with the show explaining just how in the hell did the Equalizer always manage to arrive just in nick of time to save somebody’s life despite New York City traffic?

The film marks for first reteaming of Washington and his Training Day director Antoine Fuqua and is scheduled to come
out until late 2014 on September 26th

As you may recall a few other directors were originally attached
to the film before Fuqua came on board including Drive director Nicolas
Winding Refn
and Rise of the Planet
of the Apes
director Rupert Wyatt.

In fact Refn got some attention after he left the project
telling an interviewer for the Los Angeles
regarding the project, that he would “rather make a good movie
that breaks even than a bad movie that makes money…Let’s put it like this:
There’s a reason why I pulled out.”

Hopefully the film will be much better than that. And
since it’s too early yet for any sort of teaser or trailer at least I can show
you the opening credits for the TV series with music by Stewart Copeland of The