I’m not sure what to make of this first official poster for the film. They should have used the image of Denzel Washington (from the movie) I posted earlier today, in which he looks like he’s about to split whoever he’s looking at into several chunks of flesh. Now that’s a strong image. That along with the tagline on this poster (“No One Is Safe“) would have resonated more with me. Not this thing…

Seriously, WTF?

Yes, I know they there’s more than meets the eye here (the smile, the handcuffed hands, the darkness, etc, given what we know about the character he plays, and what that all suggests, or could add up to); but, come on man… audiences need that instant visceral punch, and the other image is just stronger, and far more gratifying than this one.

Anyway… I’m no marketing pro, so what do I know. Just one man’s opinion.

You all can judge for yourselves I’m sure 🙂

The first image posted earlier (below), or the second (the official poster underneath)? Someone should take that first image, stick it into Photoshop, slice out Denzel and insert him into a sea of darkness, and then superimpose the words “Non One Is Safe,” along with the film’s title, and stars, and let’s see what that looks like.

By the way, Ryan Reynolds co-stars in the thriller, playing a CIA agent who must protect a rogue ex-agent (Washington) from assassins. The film, directed by Daniel Espinosa, is expected to be in theaters in February 2012.

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