Below you’ll find a link to a wonderfully informative, well-researched piece on forgotten cult exploitation film Poor Pretty Eddie, aka Black Vengeance, aka Heartbreak Motel, aka Redneck County Rape

The 1975 racially-charged, disturbing, politically incorrect flick starred Leslie Uggams as a black jazz singer from “the big city” (Liz Wetherly), who finds herself stranded in a backwoods redneck nightmare. Shelley Winters co-stars as a faded overweight burlesque star, and Michael Christian is her boy-toy, who also happens to be a homicidal Elvis Presley impersonator.

Call it “hicksploitation,” instead of “blaxploitation,” if you must 🙂

The previously hard-to-find film was released on Blu-ray earlier this year.

The folks at Temple Of Schlock thoroughly breakdown the film, its cast, and its long history HERE. It’s a worthwhile read.

Here’s its trailer: