The first and only vice presidential debate took place Wednesday night in Salt Lake City. 

For ninety minutes, Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) and Vice President Mike Pence faced off on subjects like the pandemic, racial inequality related to the murder of Breonna Taylor, voter fraud, healthcare and Trump’s failure to denounce white supremacy.

Moderated by USA Today’s Susan Page, the debate was classier than the last one but no less full of bulls**t. 

So it only made sense when a large fly landed on Pence’s head. The black fly stood out against the vice president’s distinctive bright white hair for a strong 2 minutes. 

Pence never reacted to the insect’s presence on his head.

Of course, Twitter users wasted no time coming up with jokes. The hashtag #flygate trended on the social media platform within minutes.

California NBC news reporter, Ian Cull, clocked the fly’s seemingly extensive moment of chill at 2 minutes, 3 seconds. 

One user implied that Pence had to be the walking dead and created a zombie checklist, which undoubtedly told no lies. 

Another Twitter user called it like she saw it. 

Even Democratic presidential hopeful Joe Biden got in on the roasting session. He used the moment to solicit $5 donations to his campaign– fly swatter not included. 

Another Twitter user peeped former Fox News reporter Megyn Kelly throwing shade at the vice president and his pest issue. Democratic coalition retweeted the hilarious capture.

“The fly is free and now getting a COVID test,” wrote Kelly. 

The tweet was a shady reference to Trump’s coronavirus diagnosis and the increasing number of people around him who have contracted the virus.

Eclectic Method created a 30-second video that’s a whole bop highlighting the fly. 

Another tweet claimed Pence was the Lord of the Flies in a hilarious allusion to the classic novel written in 1954 by William Golding. The caption perfectly described Pence’s obliviousness to the fly’s presence on his head.

The fly didn’t indicate who would get its vote.