A middle school teacher has been placed on a ten-day suspension without pay for using a racial slur while talking to his students, News4Jax reports.

The Duval County school board began investigating David Swinyar in October 2017 after a parent reported the racist behavior to the principal of Kernan Middle School in Jacksonville, Florida. According to a disciplinary report on the incident, Swinyar used the n-word and making other racially charged comments. He was also accused of viewing pornography while in the school.

“Mr. Swinyar exercised poor judgment when he engaged in inappropriate communications in the presence of, and/or toward students, by using the n-word in a conversation with students and/or when he referred to a student,” reads an excerpt of the report.

“He also made other inappropriate comments such as: “You are in my class because you failed the [Florida Standards Assessment],” the report continues.

The board also found that Swinyar told students, “You all should not be dating all these different African American boys because they are not worth it,” and that he called students “dumb.”

As for the pornographic content, Swinyar was found to have viewed adult films in his classroom both on his district-issued laptop and on his phone.

This is the first time that Swinyar has been disciplined; he has not commented on the suspension, and declined a change to be interviewed by the board, according to the Florida Times-Union.