We all know and remember the feeling of being so sleepy that you doze off in class. Because all students eventually feel that way, there are myriad ways teachers try to get students to pay attention. There are right ways … and then there is this.

A video of a math teacher at Palmetto High School in South Carolina using extreme efforts to get her student to wake up recently made the rounds on the internet. AfroPunk posted the video of her efforts on Facebook:

In the video, the teacher, Lisa Houston, slaps the student's face, pulls his locs and at several points places her foot on his person to nudge him. 

The video, of course, went super viral because … what is her problem? 

WSPA 7 News reports that Houston has resigned following the release of the video. 

Past and current students say that the 27-year veteran teacher would often do something similar to this as a "game" to joke with her students during class. Some students have rallied to support her, shocked to learn the video led to her resignation.

The Anderson District 1 Superintendent's Office released a statement. "Although the district is unable to comment in detail about the matter, the administration took seriously what occurred, and the teacher, who has had an exemplary record of teaching performance, decided of her own accord that she would retire in the best interest of her school." 

Following Houston's resignation, members of the community as well as many of her current and former students gathered for a march in support of the teacher, FOX Carolina reports. Flowers and candles were also left in front of Palmetto High School.

Britney King, a student who participated in the march, called Houston "one of the best teachers we have here," and said the teacher was known to be "super bubbly and playful with her teaching methods."

King added Houston "helps adapt to every students learning abilities and makes learning fun and quirky! She has the best intentions for every student and no student she’s had will have anything negative to say about her."

Julian Johnson, the father of the student being woken up in the video, said that neither he, nor his son, called for any disciplinary action against Houston. In fact, Johnson said his family wasn't aware that Houston was in any trouble until his son was called to speak to school officials.

“My son has nothing to do with this," Johnson said. "He was tired and went to sleep. I didn’t call for her to be fired. I wish it would go away and that it never happened.”

Correction: An earlier version of this article stated the incident took place in Florida. It occurred at a South Carolina high school.