In the past, Missy Elliott has established herself as an advocate for defending and protecting the honor of upcoming artists. The “Supa Dupa Fly” rapper recently felt inclined to defend the young hip-hop duo Flyana Boss, who have developed a lane on their social media.

On Friday, the rap icon clapped back at a critic who felt the need to assert their opinion on Flyana Boss and their marketing methods.

The “You Wish” rappers ⁠— who have become known for physically running through their videos while reciting lyrics to their songs ⁠— were virtually attacked as their marketing methods were perceived as “redundant.”

However, according to the “Work It” rapper, the ladies are using an effective method, and there’s nothing wrong with it.

“This old school tactic – if you do a bunch of things you confuse the audience,” she said. “They don’t know who you are. That’s why most successful artists have eras and for that era they consistently do the same style and sound so you build a particular fan base.”

She continued, “Example my 1st album I wore FingerWaves the entire time. My sound was a futuristic vibe even down to the way I danced it was a jerky move. But all the elements established the type of artist I was … you must be consistent when you are a new artist.”

The critic seemed humbled by Elliott’s rebuttal:

“That’s all very true and if YOU say it, it’s definitely facts,” he replied. “Thank you for actually explaining it instead of tryna come for me like everybody else. Adore you, Missy !!!!”

Elliott also posted a video doing the viral running challenge to the group’s song.