Since Donald Trump's administration has recommended social distancing restrictions across the U.S., people have been forced to stay home and entertain themselves. While there has certainly been a flood of hilarious memes and videos to come out of the social distancing, some celebrities have stepped up to provide a glimpse of normalcy and a slight distraction from the negative news circulating the world.

DJ D-Nice took it upon himself to host a party on his Instagram Live, giving folks all kinds of nostalgia vibes. Erykah Badu decided she wasn't going to let the coronavirus stop her from being great and gave us a concert. Singer JoJo even gave us some entertainment by remixing her song "Leave (Get Out)" to remind us we still need to be washing our hands and using common sense during all of this. 

But among the inspiring and hilarious memes, there was one user who could have used his time to do something a bit more productive. A user on TikTok thought he could give a quick lesson to a young white girl on how to be Black by feeding into stereotypes and having her repeat sayings.

However, true to Twitter, folks had to remind him to go ahead and log off for the day.

The video left some people completely lost for words.

Someone else was simply confused.

Some people thought of other places that might be more suitable for him.

In solitary confinement

Others knew exactly what to say in response to the video.

Some people thought the video was uncalled for and that he should have given her a lesson on the Black struggle.

how about instead of teaching her 'how to be black' you teach her about the struggles black people go through and how to respect them and their culture. this isn't fcking iit

One person had a flashback of previous attempts at butchering Black culture.

I’m reminded of this BS.