Despite Trump's racist tweets about the four freshman congresswomen (aka The Squad) needing to "go back" and "fix" their countries, CNN's Jake Tapper pointed out that Representative Ilhan Omar has been a citizen of the United States longer than First Lady Melania Trump.

"[Omar] has been a U.S. citizen since she was a teenager," Tapper said.

According to the Huffington Post, Omar became a citizen at the age of 17 after her family immigrated from Somalia, while Melania Trump became a citizen six years later at the age of 36, a year after she married Trump.

Omar addressed Trump's racist attacks during Monday's episode of the Rachel Maddow Show.

“This is a president who believes it is okay for him to think people who say something that will move this country forward should be deported,” Omar said. “He’s called on us to go back and fight corruption and fight these countries that have worse and inept leaders.”

During her interview, Omar was sure to note that the phrase, "go back to your country," is typically only used against Black and Brown people in America.

“Look, many of us, as I said today, when we are brown and black in this country, have been subjected to the old racist trope of ‘go back to where you came from,’” Omar said. “Whether it happens at a school playground or inside the hallway or someone shouting at you in the street, many of us have had our responses.”

Trump's tweets were sent out Sunday and have since been denounced and fact-checked; Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was born in Bronx, New York; Omar became a Unites States citizen in 2000; Rep. Rashida Tlaib was born in Detroit, Michigan; and Rep. Ayanna Pressley was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, according to BBC

In his tweets, Trump told The Squad to fix corruption in whatever hometowns he believes they belong to. Omar had a response for that, too.

“He is that president. He is corrupt. He is the worst president we have had. He is inept, and we are going to call him out for it. We are going to hold him accountable,” Omar said.

Omar continues to be a strong supporter of President Trump's impeachment.