On what seems to now be a semi-annual basis, folks have again discovered actress Lisa Raye McCoy and rapper Da Brat and sisters. The realization came after a birthday surprise gone wrong during Fox Soul's Cocktails with Queens on Monday.

Just like most siblings, the two women have their share of disagreements and it was put on display during the show's birthday segment for McCoy.

The Single Ladies actress was brought to tears when her co-hosts Claudia Jordan, Syleena Johnson and Vivica A. Fox introduced Da Brat to the show. All seemed to be well at first as the rapper wished her sister a happy birthday leaving McCoy speechless. 

But things took a quick turn downhill when McCoy finally mustered up the strength to speak what was really on her mind. 

"I just want to know that you're happy," the 53-year-old said. "And I didn't just want to hear it from the blogs and the interview of people asking me questions and I didn't know what to say because I didn't hear it from you and I got to see it someplace else and so I'm hurt."

"I am happy for you I am glad you are living in your truth. That right there we have been talking about for years," she added.

Da Brat, who posted for her birthday on Instagram back in March, announced her relationship with Jesseca Dupart, as Blavity previously reported. In an Instagram post, the rapper posted a video of a new car gifted to her by her girlfriend.

The "Funkdafied" rapper explained to the show's co-hosts that there was some distance between the sisters which she took the blame for.

"It was nothing bad. We never had bad blood. Ever. We might get mad at each other but we never like not talk. So this was a first for a long time for us not to talk," Da Brat said.

"But you know my sister can get real critical sometimes and she doesn't care what she say or how she makes you feel and that's just how she is and that's her being a protective big sister but sometimes as a little sister you be like 'I'm grown, too.' And I don't think she ever accepted the fact that I've grown up. But it's not cool and it's my fault," she added.

As Jordan, Johnson and Fox attempted to help alleviate the tension in the air, McCoy turned up letting her co-hosts know she didn't give a "f**k" about what they had to say about reconciling their relationship.  

"I don't give a f**k what y'all saying at all. Y'all don't know s**t at all. She do. You do," the actress said.

The encounter left fans confused over the awkward birthday surprise but left even more confused that the two were related.  

Yet, others were over people discovering that the two are sisters.

Other people thought they would just go ahead and let it be known of other famous siblings. 

We wish Da Brat and Lisa Raye the best and we hope that folks can skip the whole conversation of them being sisters next time. 

Watch the full clip of the birthday surprise below: