Very interesting… indeed…

Forest Whitaker, Anthony Mackie and Sanaa Lathan have teamed up to star in what is being called a voodoo-themed psychological thriller titled Vipaka, which Whitaker will also produce.

The film will center on 2 enemies who eventually go head-to-head in a match that will “test each man’s belief in what they’re certain is the truth.

French/Lebanese director Philippe Caland (Boxing Helena) will direct.

Not much else is known about the story, but I’m already intrigued, especially with this cast.

I couldn’t help but immediately think of Christopher Nolan’s The Prestige, which starred Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale. Maybe Sanaa Lathan plays the woman who comes between them???

No specific production or release dates yet.

By the way, a quick look-up told me that the word “Vipaka” is a Buddhist term meaning the result of karma.

Stay tuned…