I’m a true believer that actors should stretch themselves and should always try to find interesting and challenging roles to play, but maybe this is going a bit too far.

But Forest Whitaker is supposedly the first choice to play the male lead in the soon-to-go into production film Guardian of the Harem in which he would play an eunuch.

The film, co-starring Monica Bellucci, and to be directed by Fabien Pruvot, would have Whitaker playing the role of Suleiman, the enunch of a harem in Istanbul, during the period of 17th century, in the Ottoman Empire, in which he finds himself, along with some other characters, invloved in some vast mysterious and dangerous conspiracy.

I should add that neither Whitaker nor Belucci are officially confirmed for the film, and it may be just wishful thinking on director Pruvot’s part to get them for his film; but PLEASE I implore you brother DON’T DO IT!!!!!!!