I’m sure this is all based on years and years of extensive research, and absolutely cannot be debunked by any other existing data, so, I’m taking it all as gospel. 

Courtesy of the folks at Buddy Loans (yes, that Buddy Loans) who compiled the below chart, Black Panther/T’Challa (the black superhero who Marvel has long-teased will star in his own mega-budgeted big screen movie), is indeed the richest of all superheroes & supervillains, beating out Tony Stark (aka Iron Man) by quite a margin, as you can see.

T’Challa’s wealth is primarily as a result of the fact that his homeland, the fictional African nation known as Wakanda, is where all of the world’s deposits of vibranium, the most precious and desired metal on the planet, reside. I’ve always considered it a nod to the numerous valuable and cherished commodities that call the countries within the African continent home – like oil, diamonds, coltan, gold, cobalt, even coffee, and much more. However, real opportunities to capitalize on their resource endowments arguably haven’t yet been fully exploited, especially as we continue to see changes in the global economy that promote economic transformation through commodity-based industrialization, to address poverty, inequality and unemployment. Although this may not apply to all African countries and should not be the only way African resource-rich countries industrialize.

But T’Challa (and the people of Wakanda) certainly have insisted on maintaining autonomous control over their most precious commodity vibranium (no imperialist western interference/influence), which he’s been able to parlay into hundreds of billions of dollars in wealth!

All bow down to Black Panther/T’Challa of Wakanda – the richest of all superheroes and supervillains of all time. Maybe he can lend Marvel Studios a few bucks so that they can finally get their long-in-limbo Black Panther film project into production.

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