nullFormer Florida GOP Congressman and Tea Party lapdog, Allen West (who you most will remember playing the role of Stephen in Django Unchained), and who once, believe it or not, compared himself to Harriet Tubman, now has a new job.

After being defeated in the November elections, the specuation was, where would West show up next to spout his insane ideas, like "80 members of the Democratic Party are card carrying Communists" (shades of Sen Joe McCarthy), or that "Hitler's Minister of Propaganda Joseph Goebbels would "be very proud" of the Democrsatic Party" (Democrats are either Commies or Nazis – make up your mind), and that "women have been "neuteruing" American men and now we know."

Starting on Feb 4 Allen will be hosting a new web series designed to "focus on the challenges facing young Americans," called Next Generation produced by PJ Media.

As West says about the show, which he says he wanted to do after a trip this month to the Fiesta Bowl with his daughters (imagine having a father like him – must be a living hell) that: "We are embroiled in a seminal decision about American individual liberty and freedom. I am making a stand because I want Americans to have greater opportunities, and that should be our promise to the Next Generation. Will you join me?"

Speaking for myself, the answer is…NO!