Fortissimo Films has acquired international rights to US/Cuban production Una Noche, which won 3 major awards at last month’s Tribeca Film Festival, including Best Director, Best Actor and Best Cinematography

Directed by Lucy Mulloy (her feature film debut), the film made headlines last month when two of its Cuban stars – Anailin De La Rua De La Torre and Javier Nunez Florian – decided to stay in the USA instead of returning to Cuba, after the film premiered in New York.

Here's the synopsis:

Fed up with living in poverty while catering to a privileged tourist class, Cuban teens Raul and Elio are tantalized by the idea of fleeing the confines of their broken-down country for a new life in Miami. When Raul is accused of assaulting a foreigner, he has no choice but to escape, but Elio must decide whether his desire for freedom and helping Raul are worth abandoning his beloved twin sister, Lila. Brimming with the nervous energy of Havana's restless youth and the evocative cinematography of the sun-bleached capital, Una Noche follows one sweltering day, full of hope and fraught with tension, that burns to a shocking climax.

The cast of non-professional actors also includes Dariel Arrechaga.

Fortisssimo’s vice president of sales and acquisitions Winnie Lau had this to say:

"Lucy has crafted a moving and compelling film which vividly depicts the nature of existence in Havana for this group of young people who yearn for more. Just as the film captured the hearts and minds of the judges and audiences at Tribeca, we feel the universality of Una Noche will appeal to filmgoers around the globe."

Oddly enough, it's without a Stateside distributor as far as I know.