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Posted under: Business Technology

Founder-CEO Camille Hearst raises $2.5M to help her company grow and unveil new features

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Photo: Kit.com

Camille Hearst is the founder-CEO of Kit, and she just raised $2.5M in seed funding — and she's one of the few black women to raise more than $1M. Her visibility is important, especially in the wake of recent events that can be hard to process for people of color, women and any other marginalized group. Her success and determination can serve as a source of hope and inspiration.

In a blog Hearst recently published, she gives us a glimpse of the journey that got her to where she is today. With incredibly supportive and open-minded parents and the ability to help her father build PCs as a child, she was encouraged to pursue her dreams and graduate from Stanford with a BS and MS before entering the professional world. And her resume is rather impressive, listing Google, YouTube, Apple, Hailo and more as past employers. 

Kit is a community where tastemakers can share the products they love. It's for anyone looking for what really works according to the people who actually use it. It's a resource for all kinds of industries and the root of it is real people in real situations. Most importantly, Kit connects people and allows them to help teach each other. 

And thanks to investors and a growing team, Kit is even adding more features to the product users already enjoy. For example, "Ask Kit" will address any product questions using Amazon Alexa and Twitter. This addition will help to round out and enhance the user experience and will once again ensure that the products you invest in are worth your time and money.

Investors include Social Capital, April Underwood, Ellen Pao, Precursor Ventures, Black Angel Tech Fund, Authentic Ventures and Expa. We look forward to seeing how the company will continue to grow and improve. Congrats Camille and team!

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