In the first of what will be many Fox catalogue titles to go through the same process, Fox Home Video announced this week that they will release Will Smith's 2004 sci-fi film I, Robot in a new reconverted 3D Blu-ray DVD version later this year, despite the fact that the film has been available on standard Blu-ray for some time.

The film was, of course, not shot or released in the 3D process. However, the massive success in 2009 of Avatar convinced Hollywood that 3D was the Golden Ticket that was going to financially save its ass (in a crude manner of speaking).

According to Fox, it is much cheaper to convert a film to a 3D Blu-ray DVD than it is to convert a typical feature film in 3D, which costs somewhere around $50-70,000 per minute.

However, there have been several reports that 3D Blu-ray players are not selling in any sort of huge numbers. Numbers that are big enough to justify any big push for 3D Blu-ray DVDs. So unless people change their minds overnight and start buying them in droves, why are the studios pushing the format? Besides, do you want to sit in front of your TV wearing those big ridiculous glasses? It's bad enough wearing them in the theater.