Gee, ya think? But remember we’re talking about the Fox Network and not Fox News, which still reacts to people of color on the channel like the bubonic plague.

But just last month, the Fox Network held its annual conference
on diversity, where network execs told series producers that “their
casts and crew had to feature more people of color.

Of course it may seem like a no-brainer, but execs told those in
attendance that their shows must reflect today’s current and increasingly
multi-racial and multi-cultural world in order to attract those coveted younger

Of course the success that Fox has enjoyed with their
runaway hit Sleepy Hollow, which has
already been renewed for a second season, and other current shows, like Almost Human and Brooklyn Nine-Nine, are just some signs of the network’s commitment to its new programming

And it goes without saying that networks are looking at
the success of Scandal on ABC (as well as Sleepy Hollow), and are slowly beginning to realize
that they must get with the times, whether they
want to or not, if they are to survive and thrive in this environment.

This sudden awareness is also bolstered by that recent UCLA media
which found that more viewers are drawn to shows that mirrored the
country’s ethnic diversity, with increasingly smaller audiences for programs that