It’s no secret that the number one cause of arguments among
couples and families is the root of all evil – money. And that’s a subject that
crosses all categories regardless of race, class or social standing. However, increasingly, there is growing interest in the widening wealth gap, and how it especially impacts
black families.

And that’s the subject that inspired Brooklyn-based community
organizer, business outreach strategist, and now filmmaker, Amanda Brown, to make her documentary, Black Heirlooms.

The film is based on Ms Brown’s personal experience – when her 86 year old grandmother became ill, as her 8 children became
irreconcilably divided over her small estate.

As Ms. Brown says, her film intends “to examine how we pass things on
from one generation to the next and where we are going wrong. Can we ever close
the wealth gap? And where does intergenerational wealth play a role? Is the
value of family estates more or less important than the access that wealth can
provide? This is a film about intergenerational wealth, and a personal and
cultural examination of the wealth gap in America.

However, now, after spending the last three years shooting
the film, Ms. Brown now needs to raise $23,000 in the next 21 days for final post-production
work, marketing, film festival fees and other costs, and has created a
Kickstarter campaign to achieve that goal.

To go to the Kickstarter page, and to find out more about
the project, go HERE
; And also to the films Facebook page HERE.

Here’s the trailer for the film: