We’ve been pushing this fundraising campaign for the last 2 weeks, because it’s a project that really intrigues, and I’m happy to say that, despite what seemed like crazy odds when I first posted it, it reached (and actually surpassed) its fundraising goal! 

So it looks like a movie is going to be made after all! And I’m looking forward to seeing the end product.

As already noted, I’m always up for the unusual, or outlandish – especially when it comes to films centered on stories about characters of African descent… starring actress Michole Briana White, who you might remember from her co-starring role in Ava DuVernay’s I Will Follow.

It’s a multi-media feature film titled The Strange Eyes of Dr. Myes from writer/director Nancy Andrews – her feature film debut.

Here’s how it’s described:

After a near-death experience, Dr. Myes, researcher in the science of perception, attempts to graft animal senses to the brain in order to revolutionize human consciousness. She must face the consequences when she uses her own body and mind as a research tool and transforms herself into a creature with super-senses.

Michole Briana White will star as Dr. Myes, in a project that will combine live-action with animation, as well as musical elements, to create something that promises to be quite fantastical.

To help fund the film, a Kickstarter campaign was set up by director Andrews on April 1, to raise $45,000. As of the close of the 30-day campaign yesterday, it had raised over $46,000!

By the way, the veteran lauded director committed $10,000 of her own money towards the project.

Here’s Andrews with the video pitch; and underneath, you’ll find what she calls a pre-production trailer which she created with animation tests, a camera, screen tests, and found footage.