Future has remained quiet amid the world roasting his love life and personal relationships. As he became the poster boy for philandering behavior, mostly thanks to having seven children with seven different women, he opted out of addressing the comments. Now, he’s ready to share his side of the story and let everyone know who he is and what he’s been through.

In GQ‘s May issue, he opened up about being labeled “toxic” and finding happiness.

Talking about being “toxic,” the rapper said he doesn’t pay the comments any attention.

“People have their own definition of what toxic is,” he says. “[These women] all were toxic to me. They just don’t want to admit it.”


The rapper makes a fair point. There are three sides to every story and for Future, the side that often makes headlines focuses exclusively on his toxic behavior. That, plus the nature of his music, have made him what some describe a toxic king.

But Future wants to evolve beyond that. He even expressed craving to do so in 2019 during an interview with Fader. He said that fans expect a certain kind of “darkness” in his music. But bringing all those feelings (em dash) breakups, custody battles, social media fights with baby mamas (em dash) isn’t easy for the rapper.

“It can be a burden trying to relive those moments over and over,” he said in the interview. Later, Future said that “he wants to allow himself to grow.”


That’s something the rapper is actively doing. Regardless of public opinion, Future revealed to GQ that he found happiness by “living and growing” on his own terms.

“I got here through music,” Future says of his artistry. “I didn’t get here for having the best interviews. Other dudes in the world can have the best speech. They can do this in one take and it’d be perfect. I just found a way to make art with words. And through that, that’s just how I live.”

Future also talked about his latest drop, “Worst Day” which talks about woes of being a man with multiple partners on Valentine’s Day. The rapper said his motivation behind the song was to face rumors of his “toxicity” head on.

“I’m just like, s**t, this is the perfect time to put it out,” he said. “Get past it. Talk about it. Don’t have to talk about it no more. It was like some s**t the fans wanted to hear from me, but at the same time I was already really past it.”

Later in the article, Future talks about his upcoming music. The rapper says his new album, which is scheduled to come out this month, gives listeners a closer look into the reality of his life and his emotional journey.

In addition to his latest single, the rapper has also been working on a new album slated to be released on April 29, according to Pitchfork. He said he will be “putting myself out there” with his newest project.

“Sharing my lifestyle with the world. Sharing my pain with the world. Sharing my ups, sharing my downs with the entire universe. I believe in the energy of the universe and manifestation. That’s why I’m giving myself, because I’m willing to correct myself. I don’t want to just…be wrong. I’m willing to give you all of me, so you can tell me how to build on me, and make me a better me,” he said.

It’s clear he’s in his reclaiming era. While he’s opened up here and there about his relationships in the past, most notably telling The Breakfast Club in 2015 that his split from Ciara was more nuanced than what the public thought, it seems like Future is ready to go deeper and share his truth like never before.

He says his upcoming album is “about sometimes having an open heart, handling everybody with open arms.”

“Sometimes people out there try to make you seem like the suspect. Really, you are the victim. But at the same time, I’ve always been put on a pedestal, that either I can’t complain about certain s**t, I can’t speak on certain s**t. I always found a way to create around everything, man. I turn pain into diamonds. I do that with my eyes closed.”