Nowadays, vanity and Gen Z have become an item, with Instagram and TikTok being among the most popular social media platforms, according to Statista. However, a particular angle has garnered the hearts of Gen Z — the 0.5 selfie, which has become beloved by many members of Gen Z.

Colloquially known as the “point five” selfie, this wide-angle perspective became an iPhone feature with the introduction of the iPhone 11 product line in 2019.

Instead of a perfectly curated self-portrait, Gen Z’ers choose to indulge in the 0.5 selfie because it yields more of an organic, less choreographed feel to it. In today’s age, it’s more of a “cool” aesthetic.

“They’re not like the usual selfie, they shouldn’t be a well thought out picture that you take,” 24-year-old Rachel Aquino told CNBC during an interview. “It’s something that you usually take on a whim, and something that really captures the moment in real time.”

According to CNBC, Aquino said that she has taken a selfie every day for the past year.

“Sometimes, I don’t look at the camera, sometimes, it’s literally the back of my head and me walking in the streets of New York, sometimes, it’s me sitting at a table with friends,’ she told CNBC. “Sometimes, if I’m having a really good time and I don’t want to bother anyone, it’s like the back of everyone’s hands.”

The 0.5 selfie has become a popular staple on Instagram Stories and a “photo dump,” a carousel post on one’s Instagram feed, where users post a maximum of 10 random photos in a single post.