The Daily Stormer has 24 hours to move their domain after GoDaddy told the site that it has violated the host's terms of service.

According to NPR, the white supremacist/ neo-nazi site claims that they were hacked by the hacker group Anonymous in an attempt to spin the threat.    

In a tweet earlier today, Anonymous denied being involved and dismissed allegations of hacking. 

During the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, The Daily Stormer mocked the death of 32-year-old victim Heather Heyer who was one of many rammed by James Alex Fields on Saturday.

The article drew ire from Twitter users who subsequently called out GoDaddy for hosting the white supremacist media outlet. The Daily Stormer also made light of the day's violence with articles written in support of the neo-Nazis, Confederate sympathizers and other white nationalists. 

Writers also allegedly concocted a story accusing car manufacturer Dodge of facilitating and contributing to the murder of Heyer. 

Not to be deterred, the owners of The Daily Stormer tried to pivot to Google's hosting service. After initially being successful in doing so, The Daily Stormer found its registration with the search giant revoked just hours later according to CNBC.

The reason?

Violation of Google's terms of service.

All this comes just days after it was revealed that Airbnb cancelled both the reservations and accounts of white nationalists planning to stay in Charlottesville for the rally, citing terms of service violations.

As of this reporting, there has been no word as to whether or not The Daily Stormer has found a new host.