From flawlessly decorated graduation caps to swag surfin’ at commencement ceremonies, the current class of black millennial college graduates are notoriously lit! Adding to this trend, two grad school graduates started hashtag movement,  #BlackAndHooded to celebrate graduates who have achieved advanced degrees. Created by Indiana University alumnus Anthony Wright and Columbia University alumnus Brian Allen, what began as a tweet has now aggregated thousands of graduation photos across social media.

In an interview with the Huffington Post, Wright shared his motivation for starting the hashtag. “Seeing people like you in any educational or professional space is important in planting the seed of believing you can be there, and by using the hashtag across social media platforms, I sought to create a large pool of that representation across regions, institution types and areas of interest,” he said.



Wright and Allen shared that another motivation for the campaign was to change the stereotypes associated with black people in hoodies.


#BlackAndHooded ????

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We see you grads out here.  Keep up the good work.