On Feb. 3, plastic surgeon Dr. Oliver Simmons was hit with a $10k fine due to his part in the death of Tanesha Walker. In April 2022, Walker was a patient of Dr. Simmons at New Life Plastic Surgery in Miami. Walker saw Dr. Simmons for a gluteal fat grafting surgery or BBL.

WTVJ reports the 46-year-old ventured from Indiana to see Dr. Simmons after a local surgeon denied her request for the surgery due to her BMI. Walker’s family told the news station that she stated she was going to New Life Plastic Surgery for a breast reduction. Her decision to add liposuction and a BBL to the trip came after the local doctor denied her.

According to a statement released by the clinic, Walker had her procedure at 9:35 am. She was in the recovery room at 11:05 am. The clinic claims Walker’s surgery was a success, and she was in good spirits. Her last contact with the clinic was at 1: 39 pm when she was discharged to Chasing Dreams Recovery Home.

The owner of Chasing Dreams, Charlie Butler, stated she took the patient to the hospital after she noticed she was unresponsive during transport.

Walker’s niece Tataneshia Middleton provided a statement to WTVJ that mirrored Butlers.

“When she came into the truck, she was telling them she was lightheaded, and she didn’t feel well,” the statement reads.

The grandmother of 11 died at the hospital three days after her surgery.

The Medical Examiner’s Office autopsy documented Walker’s death as an accident caused by a pulmonary fat embolism.

The Miami Herald provided details from the Department of Health investigation conducted by Miami-Dade Chief Medical Examiner Kenneth Hutchins. It was revealed that Simmons violated Florida law by injecting fat into Walker’s gluteal muscles during the BBL.

Walker’s family flew to Miami to get answers surrounding her passing. Although the cause of death was revealed, they still were looking for someone to hold responsible.

“I’m not going to say it’s a relief because it’s nowhere near a relief to me, but I appreciate the fact the fact that we know the truth of what really happened,” Tierra Gosha, Walker’s daughter, shared with WTVJ.

“My mom isn’t supposed to be dead,” Gosha added. “She’s still supposed to be here with us.”


Her niece added, “She was there for everyone. She took care of all of them emotionally.”

Middleton also shared her skepticism over the actions of the surgery clinic. “I feel like it’s something going on with the facility, specifically the doctor because his story is opposite with what the transportation lady told us,” she said.

Her intuition proved correct earlier this month.

Due to the alleged malpractice, Dr. Simmons was required to stand before The Florida Board of Medicine.

On Feb. 3, the board decided on his actions contributing to Walker’s death.

The board voted to fine Dr. Simmons $10,000, the total for investigation costs, and he will have to attend a mandated one-hour lecture “on safety and possible complications” of such procedures.