Glacier, ivy, ocean, sunset — those aren’t just parts of nature. They’re components of the latest hair trend. These vibrant colors are awesome, but not for the faint of heart. I’ve always had a soft spot for coloring my hair and it’s been just about every color under the sun. My inspiration for one of my more recent ‘dos stems from the northern lights, along with your suggestions on my Instagram page.

Photo Credit: A.V. Does What!?


If you’re over there thinking “A.V. have you lost your mind? I can’t dye my hair ‘sapphire,’ I have a corporate job.” Ok, I completely understand and I come bearing a solution. Dye your hair with eyeshadow! Yes, eyeshadow. It’s a simple trick and it works on natural hair as well. Check out the tutorial below.



Photo Credit: A.V. Does What!?


Photo credit: Photos By Rome

My current look is above. I love the mix of lime, emerald and aquamarine.

Photo credit: Black Girl Long Hair

These naturalistas make hair color look easy and flawless, and as you can see in the tutorial above, you don’t necessarily have to add chemicals to your hair to get these looks. Although pastel colors are still trendy, many are opting for deeper, vibrant jewel tones. Topaz, amethyst, ruby and tourmaline are all popping up this fall.

Whether permanent or temporary, looks such as vibrant hair color show no sign of fading away anytime soon.

Which colors stick out most to you? Leave a comment below!