Grey’s Anatomy fans will see less of Meredith Grey in the upcoming season as Ellen Pompeo will star in a new Hulu series.

In the season 18 finale of the show, Grey decided not to move to Minnesota. Although Meredith will be staying at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital as interim chief moving forward, fans will definitely see less of her moving forward. As Deadline reports, Pompeo’s Grey will only be in eight episodes of the upcoming season as filming season 19 is currently underway.

How her role will be handled in the upcoming season:

Pompeo will still be the narrator of the episodes, as well as continue to serve as executive producer of the medical drama. She has been part of the scripted ABC series from the very first season as the titular character.

Pompeo may be scaling back her screen time, but she is still keeping busy.

The announcement of her reducing time on Grey’s Anatomy coincides with the announcement that she’s set to star in and produce. Hulu’s Orphan. The limited series is inspired by the true story of Ukrainian-born Natalia Grace and her adoptive parents.

As Pompeo’s time on Grey’s has slowly gotten shorter over the past couple of seasons, it has long been thought that she has wanted to pursue other projects that being a lead on a major, long-running network drama doesn’t allow.