A Michigan groom didn't just want to display his commitment to his new bride on their wedding day — he wanted to show her kids just how much they meant to him, too. 

Dontez Williams didn't just craft vows for wife Myshella Burton on Aug. 13. He decided to also put his love for Abigail and Natalie Burton on paper, according to FOX News. 

The couple met on Plenty of Fish and delayed their wedding by a year because of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

In a touching Instagram video, Williams, a social worker, is seen reciting vows to the 8- and 9-year-old children as all three tear up. 

Williams can be heard thoughtfully recounting a birthday party for one of the children in the clip. 

"I’ll never forget the way Abigail looked at me. It was priceless," Williams said. "It really meant a lot to me seeing her face light up."

In the video's caption, he reflected on the moment: 

"I cried just at the thought of writing these vows to my daughters whom lives I've been in since they were 1 and 2," he wrote. "I have transitioned from a stepfather to a father to these girls and love them dearly. Although they are not biologically mine, blood could not make us any closer. I wanted to make it official in becoming their dad as I wrote vows not only to my wife but to my daughters as well, asking them could I adopt them."

Williams told FOX News he was "kind of like the only father figure [the girls] had ever really had."

Williams said his wife was touched by the gesture. 

"Myshella was really shocked, but she was happy and just thankful for me stepping up," he added. "She was really happy that I feel that way for them and said she’s grateful to have me in their lives."