The newest season of Growing up Hip Hop is in full effect and at the center of all the talk is Egypt Criss and Sam Mattick. The self-proclaimed “power couple” has survived all opposition from co-stars and some viewers regarding their relationship. Mattick has been accused of riding Criss coattails as she pushes through to find her own way outside of the shadow of her famous parents, rap royalty Pepa of Salt N’ Pepa and Treach of Naughty by Nature. But Criss says Mattick has proved he’s the man for her and they are riding the wave together.

On Mattick’s end, he credits Criss for embracing him for who he is and standing beside him despite the drama. He insists he’s carving out his own lane and simply here to support Criss in her endeavors. Together, they say they can take the world by storm. 

The couple spoke with S&A Unscripted about the latest season of GUHH. They also revealed what their plans are outside of reality television and their decision to elope in Las Vegas and forgo an immediate major ceremony. 

On their decision to elope

Criss and Mattick have been engaged for some time now. There have been rumors that they’ve eloped, as well as pregnancy rumors. But up until a few weeks ago, nothing was proven. Photos surfaced on the internet of their surprise wedding in Vegas. Criss’ parents were by her side for the special day, as well as her brother who has made appearances on the show.

Despite them jumping the broom with an Elvis impersonator in the room, they still intend to have a big ceremony. They also say everything will unfold on the current season.

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“You might have to just tune in and see that one? No one has a whole lot of going on and stuff that’s going to be, you know, I’ll put it like this – There was a lot of moments. There’s a lot of stuff that’s going on just in the world alone. And the show is definitely going to break down and show you why. I can’t quite say yet but I want to see what people want to do. You know what? It’s something you’ll definitely have to tune in and check out,” they said.


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Mattick says it’s easy to block out negative opinions on their relationship because they are one another’s ride or die

Criss may have the support of her parents, but many of her co-stars, namely Briana Latrise who she fell out with and got into a physical altercation with over Latrise’s opinions on her and Mattick’s relationship, are against their love. Mattick says as long as he and Criss have one another, everything else is small.

“Having each other’s back [is what keeps us going,” he said. “Then going back to back is definitely our key and just communication among each other. Egypt, she teaches me a lot as far this side of the world in the entertainment side. And then as far as other points, I teach her. Those things and just staying on the same page and trying to stay out of as much conversation that’s not positive is kind of our biggest goal.”

Criss says there’s no way Mattick is with her for the wrong reasons

Criss has always defended Mattick against the naysayers. Now, she says she doesn’t spend much time pondering on anyone’s opinions of their relationship.

“Well, he’s proven it,” she said. “Sam has already proven to everybody, even on the cast who he really is, and he’s done so much for them that they can’t say that he’s riding off me. I mean, he’s his own individual, he’s his own star, and he’s always been that way. I’ve always been my own star. We met through fate, came together, and that’s why we’re on the road of building our powerhouse now, because it’s just what the fates were aligned to be.”

Growing Up Hip Hop airs Thursdays at 9 p.m.