In case you’ve been wondering, in the clip below Samuel L. Jackson reveals his special cellphone ringtone taken from the 1994 hit film Pulp Fiction which he co-stars in.

The film will be released on blue ray this Tuesday (October 4) and includes deleted scenes, behind the scenes montages, production design featurette, a Charlie Rose interview with Quentin Tarrantino and more.

Also, there’s a “Siskel & Ebert At the Movies: The Tarantino Generation” part which is a segment from the long running television show devoted to Tarantino and his influence. In the clip, Ebert compares Tarantino’s quick rise and impact to that of Spike Lee.

In addition, a special roundtable features several critics including Elvis Mitchell, Scott Foundas, Stephanie Zacharek, Tim Lucas and Andy Klein, discussing the impact of the film.

Warning: The clip is NSFW due to language.

[Source: MTV]