Gunna’s body transformation is getting a lot of attention. The 30-year-old rapper showed off his guns to his social media followers as he was working out with resistance bands.

Gunna first made an impression earlier this year when he posted photos of his new look. The Atlanta native appeared to be much leaner in his “Fukumean” music video.

Gunna, who pleaded guilty in the YSL RICO case in 2022, has clearly been undergoing a dramatic physical transformation since he was released from jail in December.

As Blavity previously reported, Gunna also released A Gift & a Curse, his fourth studio album. “Fukumean,” one of the tracks on the album, reached No. 4 on the Billboard Hot 100. With his new look, however, fans barely recognize the rapper.

“I don’t remember what he looked like before,” one person wrote.

Many more people had similar reactions.

Gunna has some people regretting their own decisions.

“Im looking at this pic and regretting the chicken combo i had at midnight,” a Twitter user jokingly wrote.

According to Complex, Gunna responded subtly in July after a fan posted an image of the rapper to highlight the drastic body transformation. The Twitter user first posted a still image of Gunna from his “Fukumean” music video and said “No way this gunna.”

“Fukumean,” the 30-year-old artist said in response.

Gunna’s significant weight loss also caused some conspiracy theorists to suggest that he may have been cloned. It was a similar story for Gucci Mane after he served two years in prison and became free in 2016. Some people saw Gucci’s major weight loss and said he may have been cloned.

Speaking with GQ in 2018, Gucci reflected on his weight loss journey.

“In a way I feel like I grew. I kind of morphed into a different person,” he said. “Shed some of my old ways. I can say I grew up. I love the person I was, I love the person I am, and I love the person I grew to be. I tried to lose weight, I tried to take care of myself, change my thinking, my environment and associates—the ones that wasn’t benefitting me. I guess that’s the transformation everybody’s saying they can’t believe. But I can believe it.”