Wayment...is hair grease making a comeback?

Wayment...is hair grease making a comeback?
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| August 17 2016,

02:30 am

When I recently complemented a friend on her full, shiny, natural tresses, she responded with two words, Blue Magic. Hold up...hair grease? I flashed back to my childhood ritual of sitting perfectly still on a chair next to the stove and getting my scalp oiled with Blue Magic before having a hot comb run through my hair. Long since that time, I abandoned hair grease as I transitioned through a number of phases, from relaxed, wrapped, braided and back to natural.
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When it comes to hair grease, the prevailing school of thought has maintained that the density of the heavy compound clogs pores and actually stunts hair growth and weighs hair down. In my transition back to natural, I've leaned heavily on organic hair dressings, smoothies and oils. It never once occurred to me to revisit the old staple of hair grease
Obviously, preferences and outcomes will vary. But with this reawakening of the classic black household staple, good old fashioned hair grease might be worth a second look.

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